Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer!

Don't you LOVE LOVE LOVE sunny days????

Here is my oldest daughter, Zoë, and her baby sister, the little Squeaker herself, Suri...


Here in Maine, the weather is really getting nice and we are having lots of warm days! I'm glad to have "knitting outside" time again! I'm going to try hard not to cross my legs this year while I knit. A few years ago, I was knitting away and got up to go inside and my left leg was completely numb!!! I must have looked like a fool as I slammed down hard on the driveway!! It was embarrassing but hurt more than anything I had ever felt before! Needless to say, I sprained my ankle SO bad and was off my feet for about a week! Do NOT want a knitting accident like that again! At least I didn't fall on my needles and stab myself! haha

I love summer! Lathering my kids up with sunscreen, grabbing my knitting bag, a bottle of water, my camera and my cell phone (you know, in case anyone calls. Don't think I'm taking it out there to check my facebook or to see if there is a swagbucks code out! Sheesh! WHO would DO that?) and heading out into the yard!

I love feeling the warm breezes, listening to the kids laughing and playing, and creating beautiful things with my hands! Of course I pause OFTEN to take photos to have cherished memories!

Here is my middle daughter, Lilli, loving on Suri! This sight is a breath of fresh air after all the snow we got this winter! Thank you, Lord, for green grass!!!


I knit the skirty soaker for her months ago and she wore it for her 13 WEEK photo!


She is now 15 MONTHS old and it fits better than ever! The pattern is the RUFFLED SKIRTED SOAKER and you can get it for FREE on Ravelry! The designer posted my baby girl on the front page of her pattern :) I had a lot of fun using up lots of scrap wool! I'll be knitting a couple more of these soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful summer! I am taking a break from knitting customs, but will occasionally post something to sell! I am going to be working hard at revamping my shop, changing my prices to make them more affordable and possibly adding some new products to my line-up! I have lots of ideas, just not sure about time!!!!

We'll see! I'll keep you all posted!

If you would like to be added to my Fall/Winter custom list, just email me at squeakincheeks@hotmail.com! I'm not taking the WHOLE season off, just enough time to relax & really enjoy the few weeks of warm weather we get here in Maine!

Get out there and grab a big handful of grass and throw it high up in the air!! It's Summer!!!!


  1. Good lovely. Both of you