Thursday, December 8, 2011

Custom "Barn Owlies" 4 Sarah

This is the 2nd pair I've knit based on my 10 year old daughter's longie design! It is of her favorite hooty bird... the Barn Owl!

PhotobucketEnjoy them, Sarah!!

Squeakin' Cheeks ~ Price List...

One of the hardest things about running my shop has always been what to charge. I want to be fair but also not lose money in the process!!!

I think this is a common issue for hand-knitters because it is very time consuming to knit every little stitch, but it's hard to make enough money to make it worth the time. I've struggled over this for years and really think I have finally come to a place of contentment with my price list!

I've been over priced before and, after looking at my old price list, I realized some things were fair and some were just crazy!! haha

SO, quite a while back I started keeping track of the weight of each size woolie and figured (to the last ounce!) approximately how much yarn it took in yards! I've been taking really specific notes and my newest price list is based on these figures.

I am charging .16 per yard plus less than retail cost of the yarn. And if you figure in how many yards I can knit in an hour (which I figured one day was around 40ish ~ but it really depends on how fast I am knitting, so it can vary) then I would be earning about $6.40 a hour. That isn't even close to minimum wage, but I am happy that the price covers my yarn and I am making a little money doing what I love. Knitting for other children makes my heart happy and being HOME with MY children, doing what I love, makes me even happier!

I personally think my new prices are very fair for something as treasured as hand knit woolies!

So that's it. My new price list (you can click the photo above to check it out!) and an explanation. Now it's time to get into gear and start my day!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!