Sunday, November 28, 2010

On My Needles....

I am almost done a pair of modified Budgie Bloomers. I am now offering "hip skirtys" instead of the full skirts! The skirty starts just above the gusset! This way the upper section is just one layer and it won't be as bulky as a skirty over longies!

I just finished the skirty and the first bloomer ruffle and once I'm done the 2nd ruffles and i-cord, they'll be ready to list!

Size is approximately:
Waist = 17" Rise = 18"
Inseam = 10"

This photo was taken with my phone, so it's not the best quality! I'll be taking better photos when I list them!

~ Bridget, "Squeakin' Cheeks" Mama

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Knitting... Soon... Custom anyone?


I just ordered some Cestari Fine Merino in"blue pansy", "dahlia red" and "babies breath", which are similar to these, and will be knitting up a longie version soon! If you are interested in a custom, please let me know, or I'll just end up knitting something cute to sell! :)

If you'd like any other customs, please check out the great Cestari colors available! I will special order any colors you are interested in!


You can view my current basic sizing and pricing guidelines below this post, and remember I am always willing to negotiate and work out partial custom trades too :)

The longie version I normally do has the striping underneath a ruffle by the knee, and the speckles on the skirty are an extra $10 because of all the extra time it takes :)

My little girl is 36 weeks old now and had all the wool she needs so I'm ready to knit so other babies can be as squishy and soft as my little one! Here's the Squeakin' Cheeks namesake herself! ;-)

Sizing & Price List


Here are my current basic sizing guidelines:


And this is my current price list: (prices are for items I knit to sell, not for customs. Customs can vary due to specifics of design, special ordering of desired yarn colors, etc.)

**I have a new option...a modified version of my Budgie Bloomers! Instead of a full skirt, I can start the skirt at the hip! Just make sure to let me know which type of skirty you'd like! Here are my base prices for BBloomers and other knits...


Ruffled cuffs, extra inseam inches and duplicate stitched designs cost extra! Email me with any questions!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cestari Color Card

I use Cestari Fine Merino and you can choose any of these colors for customs! Email me with any questions or to get onto my customs list!

Click on the photo below to view it larger:

Photo of Cestari Fine Merino Colors!