Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CONTEST! Squeakin' Cheeks Needs a SLOGAN!

Squeakin' Cheeks is holding a contest! Woo!! She needs a slogan so Mommy can order her business cards!! She is ONE YEAR OLD it's about time to get a fun slogan to go along with her sweet face!!!


By helping her decide on a slogan (OR by voting for someone else's slogan idea in the comments!!!), you could win a 2 color pair of Cestari Fine Merino Custom Longies up to 18" Waist and Rise! (up to a $70 value!) Winner will choose any 2 colors from the CESTARI COLOR CARD and I will order them especially for their woolies! I would be happy to do any additions (skirty, ruffles, etc.) but they will be an extra charge :)

Contest will run until April 30, 2011, and after a winner is chosen on May 1st, I will get them knit up ASAP in time for cool weather!


#1. "Like" us on FACEBOOK and share a link to this contest on your wall!

#2. Post about this contest on a blog, Diaperswappers, or another "cloth diaper" or "baby" friendly forum! (and make sure to send me a link in the comment section!)

#3. Create a slogan for Squeakin' Cheeks (or vote on someone else's in the comments section) and your name will be entered into the contest (I'll be drawing the name of the winner on May 1st). If I choose your slogan (whether you win the drawing or not!) I will send you a special gift!!!



  1. I already liked you guys on facebook and I just shared the contest with my friends!
    I just posted your contest to
    And here is my slogan:
    Every Squeakin' Cheeks has a story- The one you make!

    My email is:

  2. I shared on facebook, posted on CDN, ( )
    And though of: "So cute you'll squeek too!"

  3. *That'll be Squeak! Not squeek! :D


    Reading a lot of Seuss so here it goes:

    Happy babies squeal with delight when wearing Squeaky Cheeks all night!

    Squeakin' Cheeks, we're worth a peek!

    Squeakin' Cheeks are worth a peek!

    Squeakin' Cheeks without the leaks! (that one's just funny)

    Probably should be careful with some of yours, there might be some legalities if u borrow well known ones :/

    I may come up w/ a few more later. Will brain storm :)

  5. Squeakin' Cheeks... Bums made cuter
    Baby Bums made cuter
    Making babies even cuter
    Squeaking good fun
    Squeaking good fun for your baby
    Handfuls of fun
    Knits you'll want to squeeze

  6. shared on fb

  7. 1)I'm a fan
    2)Facebook post
    3) blogged

    hismrs2010 at aol dot com

    Squeakin' Cheeks the Cutest Cheeks Around!
    Squeakin' Cheeks helping to put fluff on your cheeks!

  8. Liked & Shared on facebook (amrc giveaways)
    Shared on my blog
    I vote for Dalayna's!

  9. I like on fb Anne E. Perry!/permalink.php?story_fbid=112525902163424&id=722374394
    missanneperry at

  10. shared on blog
    missanneperry at

  11. squeakin cheeks is pretty neat

    squeakin cheeks on you seat

    missanneperry at

  12. Liked you on facebook, and shared a link to this page here...!/permalink.php?story_fbid=141719519230245&id=100000738544904

    hippiemama86 at yahoo dot com

  13. I already "like" you on FB :) I will post there and on my homeschool blog.

    Squeakin' Cheeks - Woolies for your Cuties

  14. I posted about this on my blog here...
    hippiemama86 at yahoo dot com

  15. Squeakin'n Cheeks:
    Knit knotties for little hotties!
    Wool bottoms are better.

    hippiemama86 at yahoo dot com

  16. Thought of a few more:

    Keepin' babies' bottoms happy :)

    Keepin' babies warm in the winter & cool in the summer.

    No matter the weather Squeakin' Cheeks covers your baby in cuddly cuteness.

    Like Goldilocks, your little one will find these "just right."

  17. 1. already liked on fb.
    2. Just shared on my fb page!/profile.php?id=636885226
    4/16/2011 @ 3:32 pm
    3. just shared on diaperswappers
    4. just shared on cloth diaper nation

    my email is

  18. 1. Liked you on facebook
    2. Shared your page
    3. shared on BBC

    My slogans.....

    Squeakin cheeks
    Helping keep your baby's lil cheeks clean and dry, day and nye (night)

    Squeakin cheeks
    Knitted adorable cheek covers for your little squeaker!

  19. #1.


    #3. "You can't help but squeak their cheeks!"

    "Your favorite squish for the cutest tush"

    "The cutest cheeks covered with Squeakin' Cheeks"

    "Even your newest baby will squeak for them!"

    "Squeak their cheeks"

    "You made them adorable, we just accessorize"

    "Keeping bottoms cuddly and dry"

  20. Thought of another:

    "Let's all squeak for happy, dry cheeks"

    "Dry bottom, happy bottom, happy baby, happy mama!"

    "Making a difference one diaper change at a time" (This sounds familiar though)

    "We can only make your baby cuter!"

  21. I like you guys on Facebook and I shared the contest with my friends through Facebook (im hoping you saw the post, if not, I can go hunt for it!).

    This is pretty plain compared to others but I think

    "handcrafted with love" sounds so nice!

  22. I thought of a couple more..

    Squeakin' Cheeks ~ made with loving hands
    Squeakin' Cheeks ~ woolies from loving hands

  23. I forgot to put my email.

    vbytnar at gmail dot com

  24. last one honest:
    Squeakin' cheeks: Eco-friendly, Organic, Made with love